Position Specific Training

Position-specific training sessions are one of the most beneficial ways to improve a player’s individual ability.

We look to create scenarios specific to their position on the pitch, this allows the coaches to identify players strengths and weaknesses, and then we can adjust the training drills accordingly to help the individual’s development.

football coach showing kids how to take a corner

One of the main benefits of position-specific training is that it can help improve the player’s positional sense so that they are always in the best position whether attacking or defending, on or off the ball – helping them to become a better all-around player.

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Assisting players of all abilities to develop excellent attitudes, creativity and confidence both on and off the field of play.

Our Mission

Position Specific Training

Help players to become a better all-round player

My son has been coming to Pro Peaks for additional training on top of his grassroots club and he loves the sessions. The training has had an amazingly positive influence on his game.